Oh Sweet Potato Of Mine

Here it is - the potato's SUPER cousin.
Here it is – the potato’s SUPER cousin.

Not TECHNICALLY a potato since they are part of a different family of plants, but the sweet potato is related to potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are actually the super heroes of all potatoes, but you have to leave off all the sugar and marshmallows. I bet all the other potatoes are jealous of their cousin. Rightfully so, they have a few things they can brag about.

For example:

They are highly nutritional. One cup provides 65% of the daily minimum vitamin C our bodies need. Sweet potatoes boast high levels of calcium, folate, potassium, and beta carotene. And you know about beta carotene, right? BC is an antioxidant that when it get into our bodies make Vitamin A. Like it turns one serving into 700% of the US RDA for Vitamin A. They are so nutritionally rich, they are rated the most nutritious vegetable…we’re talking #1


they sport a low glycemic index – which most potatoes don’t. This means it won’t spike your blood sugar levels.


Sweet Potatoes are good for your skin. This is were Vitamin A and beta carotene come into play again. Did you know all of those fancy skin creams folks use are derived from Vitamin A? A sweet potato costs on average $.50 – $1.50 per pound. Since I’m not excellent at math…I’ll let you do it.


Sweet Potatoes are DELICIOUS! I eat them a lot for breakfast – I’ll have a baked sweet potato, an egg (however you like ’em), and some fruit (my favorites are honeydew, strawberries or pineapple).

Here’s something I came up with recently – I little spin how I normally incorporate the #1 vegetable into my morning routine.

I took some sweet potato tots and smashed down in the waffle iron. I spread some goat cheese on the sweet potato “waffle” and added some bacon and super greens (like baby kale and spinach).

This is way to much deliciousness for one picture.
This is way to much deliciousness for one picture.

And then, the crowing jewel…a fried egg done over-easy and carefully placed on top of this sweet little concoction. Of course, you can cook your egg just the way you like it – that’s just how I like mine. Add a couple of sprigs of fresh parsley for your daily dose of detox (that’s a whole other blog) and you’re mouth ain’t gunna know what hit it!

You’re welcome, enjoy!!