Health and Wellness play a very important role in my life – NOW. That hasn’t always been the case. Starting my journey to a healthier me…saved my life. I was going through depression, I was miserable, I was so far out of shape – I wasn’t even a shape anymore and just didn’t care at all…UNTIL someone reached out to me and gave me the motivation I needed.

It's a journey...
It’s a journey…

So, with this new found support and motivation, I decided to do something about it – I began a 60 day workout program, but biggest changes I made were in my diet.




I’m am far from where I want to be and I am not perfect at sticking to a routine, but I’m getting better at it. I love sharing, motivating, and walking beside my friends as they are continually strive to be better versions of themselves!

I firmly believe after years of making sure everyone else around me was taken care of, that it is SO IMPORTANT to take care of YOU!

EATING CLEAN is not as hard or complicated or as expensive as everyone seems to think. I’m a single mom so it has to be budget friendly!

Change happens with the decision to begin.
Change happens with the decision to begin.

If you’re reading this and you’ve been putting YOU off until tomorrow, it is my hope that you’ll stick around for some simple meal planning, prepping, budget friendly ideas, and MOST OF ALL motivation and support.

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