Hey y’all!

My name is Leslie Clairmont. I’m a Texas girl – oldest of six, raised in the little town of Burleson, except it ain’t so little anymore.

I’m a momma [to three boys], a daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover, an ex, and life is messy and that’s what makes it beautiful. This is my journey – our journey isn’t always a straight path, but without the journey there wouldn’t be a story to tell.

Gosh! Where are my manners? My momma raised me better, I promise!

So, welcome to my blog – it’s gunna get real in here y’all! These are my stories about my successes, my failures, adventures, a Love that doesn’t wait for you to have it all together before it rescues, all the things that I can laugh about now, what I’ve learned along the way, and what I’m in hot pursuit of at the moment. I’ll share recipes, repurposing projects, DIY tips I’ve learned from having no other choice, home-remedies, and oh…Essential Oils!

I am lil bit charming and a whole lot of awkward all at the same time – I have an extroverted side and an introverted side and if you stick with me long enough, you’ll get to know both and what makes this Gypsy Soul tick.

Thanks for taking this trip with me – let’s do life together!


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