You Never Know Who You’ll Run Into On Twitter.

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This is what the dear Patsy Clairmont wrote in my notebook at Women Of Faith. How I came into the fortunate circumstance to get this beautiful note from such a remarkable lady is something only God could orchestrate.

In the Summer of 2013, my daddy went home to be with Jesus and so began a pretty rough road in my Journey. I also ended an almost 5 year on and off again relationship…tough things to go through all at once. I was not in a good space, to say the least and it would get worse as 2013 came to an end and 2014 began. But that is another story for another time…

I have a Twitter account – I am not an overly active user, but I do post things like my workouts, IG posts, and I’ve got it linked to my Facebook to where somethings I post are also shared with my fellow Tweeters. I’ve never really had any interactions with other Tweeters.

One day in August of 2013, I got a Tweet from Leslie Clairmont…I had never met another person with my name before, so I thought it was rather neat and I decided to respond! We continued back and forth just chit chatting. He asked me if I had heard of Patsy Clairmont, his wife. I had not…he said she was a Christian author. I thought that was awesome, but it didn’t ring a bell! Our conversation ended on that note and I went about my day. I didn’t really think anything more about it until a few days later I heard a commercial on the radio talking about the Women of Faith Conference that was coming to Dallas and they made mention of the key note speakers that would be involved. Guess who’s name I heard…yep – Patsy Clairmont!! This prompted a Google search and there she was…her bio mentioned she was married to Les (Leslie) Clairmont!! As soon as I could, I Tweeted my new friend Les and told him I heard his wife mentioned on the radio for the Women of Faith Conference and he confirmed! Then something amazing happened – he and Patsy blessed me with a ticket to go to the conference. They had know idea the shape I was in and how much I needed to be in a place of encouragement and love. I was so empowered and enveloped in God’s love that weekend. I don’t think I ever stopped crying…all the emotion locked up inside my heart came flooding out. It felt good to just be in God’s Presence.

(Pssst…The seats were AH-mazing, I even got to sit next to Kari Jobe!)

Patsy shared the following during her time with us at the conference and I want to share it with you

YOU are MORE than you know and God is SO MUCH MORE than you know. God has something for you BUT it is time to do something risky and stop believing the lies of Satan. God is your qualifier and if you let him, He will make Himself known in fresh, new ways! YOU have value and worth in Christ Jesus!! –

After she spoke, I went to get in line to meet her and told her how I came to get my ticket and she knew who I was and was so tickled at the whole thing – it was so neat to be able to thank her for the impact she and her family had made on me. I love it when God shows up!

me and patsy_edit

#DARE to be MORE than you know!

(There’s THAT word again)

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